Jeffery MacPherson(ジェフリー・マックファーソン)

Jeffery MacPherson(ジェフリー・マックファーソン)

英語情報学科 講師


Learning English that is useful for one’s daily

life and future plans is an enjoyable yet some- times a difficult task. The key to successful learning is to have clear goals, take small steps, and don’t worry about being perfect ! My hope is that you will enjoy studying English to make your dreams come true.


Bachelor of Arts - Major in Modern History (Macquarie University 2013年10月)
Diploma Mechanical Engineering(Sydney Institute of Technology (Ultimo TAFE) 2001年1月)
TESOL Certification(Teach International, Australia 2005年9月)
Mechanical Engineering, Teaching English as a Second Language, Politics and History
Asian politics, International relations, Asia Pacific history and security issues, political theory, nation states, globalization


  • English WritingⅡ・Ⅲ
  • English SeminarⅢ・Ⅳ・Ⅴ・Ⅵ
  • Academic WritingⅠ・Ⅱ
  • Thesis Writing
  • 通訳実務演習


年月 著書・学術論文名他 掲載誌名又は学会名
2008年9月 Error Correction in ESL Conversation N.U.F.S. Journal #12
2009年9月 Factors Affecting Motivation in Reading N.U.F.S. Journal #13
2010年9月 Preemptive Strike: The Iraq War N.U.F.S. Journal #14
2010年10月 Memorable Speeches (editing) Cengage Learning (ESL textbook)
2010年10月 "Kuro jin no E" (editing, checking translation) Translated by Takumi Kashima
2011年9月 World War I : A War of Nerves N.U.F.S. Journal #15