My particular interests lie in Second Language Acquisition (SLA), learner motivation, and teaching methodologies. English language teaching is a constantly growing field, always evolving and changing. My goal is to bring together a variety of methodologies to expose students to authentic language while helping them enjoy learning English and increase their motivation. Helping students foster their learner identity and agency is a crucial step to being part of a multicultural global community. Through authentic and meaningful interaction and communication, I hope to help students prepare themselves for bigger and brighter futures.


人文学部 文化コミュニケーション学科
Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language – University of Montana-Missoula(2003年5月)
修士[Texas A & M University – Commerce・応用言語学・TESOL 2020年12月]
Applied Linguistics, TESOL, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), English education (英語教育)
Telecollaboration in Language Learning; Primary School Language Education;
Internationalization in Teacher Training; Digital Tools



  • English Communication I ・II
  • 児童の英語
  • English Seminar Ⅲ・Ⅳ
  • Academic Writing I
  • Thesis Writing
  • 通訳実務演習
  • Global Project
  • 専攻演習Ⅰa・Ⅰb・Ⅱa・Ⅱb


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2023年6月 Primary schools in Japan – Schools and teaching in Japan. [Research Presentation]. Catholic University of Eichstatt/Ingolstadt, Germany
2023年2月 The language of abbrevs: A lesson in abbreviated words. 長崎純心大学『純心人文研究』第29号
2022年11月 Telecollaboration across continents through project-based learning [Research presentation]. Japan Association of Language Teaching, Fukuoka, Japan.
2021年10月 Telecollaboration for language exchange: Connecting countries and culture through online interaction. [Research presentation]. Nagasaki Minami High School Future Design School Program
2020年2月 Principal Reasons for Using L1 in the L2 Classroom 純心人文研究第 26号 p. 77-87